Frequently Asked Questions

Competition (4)

Do I need a wristband to watch Competition?

No wristbands are required to watch Competition. Everyone is welcome! Wristbands are only necessary when observing classes.

How does DMI want competition music?

All music for competition should be recorded on ONE master CD and ONE backup CD. Multiple discs are only accepted when there are too many routines to fit on one CD. We prefer the track listing to be in order of the competition, but it is not required. Please label your disc with studio name. Thanks!

What is your stage like?

Our stage is 24′x40′ with marley floor. We have wings on stage left and right. You will also be able to cross behind stage (NEW this year!).

Can I take pictures of my dancer in Competition or Classrooms?

Photography and videotaping during Classes and Competition are strictly prohibited. Advancing technology on cameras, cell phones, etc. has forced us to prohibit all camera use during Classes and Competition. We offer professional video and photography at our PhotoBooth!
Still photography is permitted in between classes and during our Autograph Session.

Convention (2)

How can I change my dancer’s classroom level?

A registered teacher can call our office 10 days before the event and change their dancer’s classroom level. After 10 days all changes must be done on site. A registered teacher can do so by simply bringing the student and/or wristband to the registration desk before 12pm on Saturday. All changes MUST be done by teachers!

My dancer is in CampDanceAdventure. Is there a cheaper Observer Wristband for this classroom?

Yes! CampDanceAdventure wristbands are only $30 for the entire weekend! This room is also included in the Free Observer promotional.

Observer Wristbands (3)

What’s the Free Observer Wristband promotional?

All DanceMakers clients receive ONE free observer wristband for each room reserved at the host hotel within the DMI room block. Make your reservations early. Room blocks may sell out.

How do I obtain my Free Observer Wristband?

In order to obtain your free observer wristband please check in at the DMI Registration Booth on site. Be sure to bring your hotel reservation confirmation number to receive your ONE free observer wristband.
This offer is only available on Friday at check-in and Saturday before lunch.

Can I buy an Observer Wristband on site?

Yes! Observer Wristbands are for sale every DMI Regional weekend for $50 and DMI Nationals week for $60.

Registration (3)

Do you have to be registered for the Convention in order to participate in Competition?

Yes, DanceMakers requires you to be registered for the full weekend of Convention in order to participate in Competition.

When do you release the schedule?

All schedules will be released 10 days before your city. They will be available on the “Tour” page on our website.